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In 2005, while on a weekend getaway, we had our first face to face encounter with alpacas and it was love at first sight. We spent a lot of time researching these warm and cuddly animals (all of three months) before we purchased our first three pregnant females (2 imports and the other being 5 years old). In January 2006 we brought them to their new home, a 12x20 ft. shed we built on our side lawn. That summer we had our first cria, Mateo. And so it began…

Conrad (an HR Director) and I (a billing specialist) had no prior farming experience but knew we were serious about continuing our foray into the Alpaca industry. We purchased a house in Moravia, fenced in a parcel of land, and constructed a 30x50 ft. barn. We continued to learn the business by competing in the show ring, going to seminars, visiting farms, attending auctions, researching breeders, and anything else we could do to move forward in the business.

We soon got used to the Alpaca lifestyle. Alpacas are people magnets, and where you show up with an alpaca, people will come. We enjoy watching the excitement of someone seeing an alpaca for the first time, sinking their hands into the fleece and answering all their questions. With the alpaca industry being fairly new, there is an enormous amount of support from fellow alpaca owners. We have met so many wonderful people who have helped us along the way and have become good friends in the process.

As our farm continues to expand, we have made huge improvement in the quality of our offspring through our breeding selections, including many of the top bloodlines such as Royal Fawn, Bueno, Titan, Silverado, Scimitar, Silvio, Jericho, Rolex, Timoteo, Prince Phillip, Jericho, Jeronimo, Beethoven, Odyssey… We have truly “bred up” and now have a great selection available on our farm.

We have arrived at the next phase in our business cycle-- selling animals! Having learned the business from the bottom up, learning from mistakes made along the way, we feel we have the experience and knowledge to help new owners start up their farm and start enjoying the “Alpaca Lifestyle”.

Whether you are seeking success in the show ring, or a few starter animals, we can provide you with many animal options. You can choose by age, sex, color and genetics for a custom alpaca package. Financing options are available as well.

Feel free to give us a call to “talk alpaca”. We have a newly designed gift shop on site and we welcome farm visitors!